33 Ritualized Ring of Solomon the King ILLUMINATI POWERS


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Are you ready to live at a higher level of reality?

To finally embrace the Majesty of who you really are and awaken your Wealth consciousness?  

Solomon the King revealed the mysteries of creation itself through the hidden arcana of the Secret truths . The Illuminati have guarded this knowledge for centuries as they know it contains the very power of Reality Creation.

 Through the 33 RITUALIZED RING of Solomon the King you will be magically immersed in the alchemical waters of the Ars Regia to emerge as the embodiment of the Lapis Philosophorum or Philosophers Stone.

 You are a reflection of Uncreated Light and have the ability to commune with the Divine in the realm of Angels.

The 33 RITUALIZED RING of Solomon the King will:

* Reveal the Secret of the Holy Guardian Angel

* Awaken your Solar Consciousness

* Merge your current reality to that of Quintessence Awakening unleashing the inner powers of the Fifth Element

The talisman 33 RITUALIZED RING of Solomon the King was encoded with the Pythagorean powers of Sorath, the Spirit of the Sun, by a Grand Hierophant of the Illuminati who wore this ring while performing many Solar ritual workings.

You can already imagine the incredible levels of occultic energy permanently infused into this talisman. It is the magic contained in the talisman that will produce the profound awakening of your Holy Guardian Angel and all its attendant Powers as you merge the Macrocosm and the Microcosm in unity thereby covering you in the current of the Sun who Illuminates.

Please act on this quickly if this truly calls to on your quest because there is only one available to the chosen.

Adveniat Regnum Tuum.



Stainless Steel, 18K Gold and Black .

May also be worn on a chain.