6-6-6 MAGICK of the ANCIENT GODS Planetary Event


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Stop and think about this.

Have you been noticing lately that the world is going through major transitions every week? 

Do you sometimes feel that you have walked into a parallel dimension?

This Monday, 06/06/2022 will be the day the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus) and the numbers align opening a doorway to the Ancient Gods and their incredible magical powers.

06/06/ 2=2=2/=6.

6-6-6 master Venusian formula of magical self-love. Serving yourself serves others.

This is a powerful inner alchemy. 

You can only attract and give-away what you already possess!

To they, who HAVE, more shall be given. Everything you want is attracted to you through the planetary powers. Everything!

This may be the most significant one-day shift you've ever seen. It will feel like you've entered a new dimension where the old rules will no longer apply.

Just imagine the incredible possibilities this will give you. It will be a time of unstoppable planetary magic to get you where you need to be in the fastest, safest way possible.

Do you need to reclaim your power? 

Do you need a fresh infusion of life transforming energy?

Do you need to believe in yourself again?

Do you need to step up your game and take it to the next level?

This is the ritual that will take you to the next level and center you in the most attractive magical forces there are. 

In honor of this most magickal day  we will be performing a limited number of rituals for our elite clients to align them with the incredible powers of this planetary gateway.

When this happens, then everything you need starts gravitating to you at warp speed. 

If you are ready to go beyond three-dimensional thinking into the truly Limitless realms of magickal power and transformation, then this is the ritual you have been called to . 

Upon completion of the 6-6-6 Doorway of the Ancient Gods Ritual you will receive a consecrated  Venusian talisman encoded with the planetary powers of the Ancient Gods.

This is the doorway to your total empowerment.