Alchemical Rose of the White Queen Vampire Enchanted Portal


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The Rose - A Mystic artifact found in the oldest tombs of Egypt.

A symbol of Regeneration and Resurrection , the White Queen of Alchemy represents the feminine lunar soul.

Drawn from the Alchemical formulas in the Septimana Philosophica, this hypnotic Talisman has been Ensorcelled with the Causative powers of First Matter, the Primordial Chaos (Tiamat) from which the Universe emerged.

This is a true storehouse of Radiant Transformative energies.

Energy and Consciousness are impregnated into the very atomic structure of this living Occult machine.

 While the value of this would be apparent to those Awakening on the Vampyric Path, this would also be a powerful tool for any Mage seeking to Revitalize and Resurrect sleeping Serpentine energies, the true enabler of All Sorcerous manifestations and abilities.

* Increased conscious control of Lucid Intent, a true Gift of Lilith.

* Incredible receptivity to Astral currents by Lunar Empowerment

* Subconscious Transmutation of the Soul Center leading to Direct Alchemical Awakening

* Ability to magnetically reflect your will onto the Mirror of Reality

These are just a few of the abilities you will experience as you are Embraced in the Sensuous Bosom of the White Queen.

The deep intimate connection you will FEEL with your Source Mother Tiamat will revolutionize your Understanding and Abilities with each passing day.

 In "conjunction" with this Alchemically ensorcelled Talisman you will also have a personalized Ritual working performed on your behalf to acclimate your Being to the Lunar Energies of Primodial Feminine Power thereby leading to a greater actualization of the Talisman's powers.

There is also a private ritual working you may perform that will be shipped along with your White Queen Talisman.

The Alchemical Rose of the White Queen is a beautifully handcrafted BROOCH. Made of Sterling Silver and very mystical Genuine Baltic Amber. Brooch is approx. 3" . The Rose is carved in Baltic Amber. The size of the rose itself is about 1" x 0.75". Exquisitely enchanting.