Visualize yourself with the power to drink in another's life-force energies.
Collect their psychic plasma to serve and empower you...even implant your thoughts into them.
Invade their dreams and subliminally program them to fulfill your fantasies.

This incredible Chaldean Djinn  is a Vampiric Magister. A psychic vampire who absorbs the life-force energies of your intended target and then transmutes or changes this energy to an explosive source of Psychic Power for you. 
Obviously, this level of power is not for the weak or confused but belongs to one who resonates with the Might and Power of the Vampire.
Beware! This Djinn can make even your darkest desires a reality. So be careful what you ask for. You see, your thoughts are taken by this Magister Djinn and then empowered with the life-force energies of those fed upon. This charges your thoughts a 1000X dominating power. The Djinn then shoots them like an energetic missile to your intended target. Your Psychic powers will be supercharged the longer you work with the Elite Vampiric Djinn.
Picture this:
*Your thoughts and desires become psychic power spells.
*You experience 3rd eye awareness
*Your senses will be heightened as you experience incredible intuition.
*You will shapeshift your aura to appear invisible so you can influence and command with total power and authority. This is vital for protecting your energies.
*Your imaginings will be solidified into physical manifestation.
If you are into Mind Control, Psychic Influence, Energy Work, Vampirism, Dark Magick, Sex Magick, this Djinn would be a powerful helper.
You will receive the name of the djinn as well as the activation mantra which will seal the powers to you alone.