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This is for the woman or man that wants to be absolutely captivating in regard to how they look and how they act.
Cleopatra was a powerful female figure in history, and she has come to be known as an extremely attractive, confident and respected leader. The confidence that Cleopatra had was a reflection of her beauty, but she also possessed other qualities that made her an icon. Her poise, strength, intelligence and courage also contributed to her ability to rule Egypt effectively.
This can help you to gain the confidence you need to feel attractive and be respected.
You will be more than just noticed; you will be remembered.
Cleopatra’s Mirror works to bring the perfect balance between beauty, confidence, and respect. When you wear this, you’ll find yourself more attractive both inside and out.
You’ll be more confident in yourself, your abilities, and your place in the world.
Whether it is important to you to gain respect, confidence, or even attractiveness, this is perfect for you, and it could be the thing that finally takes your allure to the next level. This will give you an alluring look that can’t be denied and the confidence you need to carry yourself through everyday life. There’s just one way to get to the level of success people only dream about: Take action! It’s that simple. Decide to take action now. If you do, the rewards can be immense. You can take the first step and be on the path to success.
The world is yours for the taking. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, take action yourself and make it happen.
This pendant is made of Sterling Silver with 18K Gold accents.
It is set with a beautiful pearl in the center with garnet stone above it.
Encrusted with multifaceted beautifully shimmering hematite crystals and quartz crystals,
which stand out against the setting. 
Pendant size is a little over 1.5" long x over 0.5" wide.
It comes with a magnificent Sterling Silver chain that is set with numerous ethereal blue crystals all over the chain.
The chain is 31" long and has 18 crystals.
The chain is so beautiful it can be worn by itself as well.