Mystifying Mayan Alien Energy Vortex Limitless Luck Attractor Talisman Earrings


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Light Temple attraction grid activation commands and compels boundless luck, good fortune and favor to you instantly and forever. 

Radiates invincible positive energies whose powers are constantly manifesting for you. 

Instant and Forever commands absolute good fortune to you.

Can you imagine a boundless supply of invincible Luck bringing you every good thing required for your happiness and fulfillment? 

*Gain recognition and miracle success.

*Mayan Vortex pulls waves of luck to you.

*Luck attracts you more money.

*Luck attracts you more love.

*Luck attracts you more to feel good about.

*Luck attracts whatever you need.

*You can have what you want.

Every door opened and every opportunity drawn to you by mystic limitless power. 

  The Mystifying Mayan Alien Energy Vortex Limitless Luck Attractor Earrings are truly extraordinary.

Handcrafted. Made of  pure solid Sterling Silver inlaid with genuine Turquoise.

Measure approx. 0.75"