⛤Dark Equalizer Spell of the Chaos Mage Dark Hex/Curse Returner Extreme



 Somebody or “something” making your life an intolerable hell?

Is there a thorn in your side that seems to grow more intolerable and reprehensible with each passing day?

Imagine what it would be like if you could return these negative energies to their source with compound interest added!

By the time you finish reading this page, you'll will feel that you now have the means to do just that.


The Dark Equalizer of the Chaos Mage is an amplified ritual that casts the pale shadow of their atrocious ignorance back to its owner with the Blazing Intensity of a Thermonuclear Explosion.

 Their insulting, backhanded behavior will be swiftly met with the monstrous powers of this infamous Chaos Magic working.


Here's a sobering fact for you:

In a review of the scientific literature on the relationship between stress and disease, Carnegie Mellon University psychologist Sheldon Cohen has found that stress is a contributing factor in human disease, and in particular depression and cardiovascular disease.


 Face it...they WILL destroy you, given the chance.

They don't care! 


Now, go forward in time when... they are GONE. Out of your life completely and immersed in their own nightmare.

How good does that feel?


Don't lower yourself to their despicable level by feeling that you must take the “higher ground”.

That's exactly what they expect of you and leads to a vicious cycle of subservience.


Specially prepared for you using some of the most Diabolical Occult Secrets in existence to give you the Satisfaction of Justice you so deeply desire to see.

 If you're thinking this is too much for you due to its ferocious intensity, then in all likelihood, it is not for you.

(You would probably be better served by one of our other offerings)


BUT...if you're thinking your tormentors deserve this IN SPADES...look no further.


Along with your personalized Chaos Mage Equalizer ritual-working, you will receive a special curse/hex returning Talisman to boost your protection, along with easy to follow guidelines for its use.

We look forward to serving you in this time of need.
. . .