EXU CROSSROADS Ultimate Voodoo Millionaire Money Maker PSYCHIC PORTAL


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Only 3 are available for 3 luckiest owners!

That's it !

Consecrated in this extraordinarily rare ritual.

Don't wait till they are gone because they will be !

Houngan Desilva's most powerful money-magnetism millionaire maker ritual !

Supreme rock-solid conjure magick others have paid five plus figures for.

We are honored to work with our dear friend and offer this ritual for you.

Get ready to make poverty a bad memory!

This most powerful of all conjure will reverse the money curse that has plagued you at every turn.

A start of new beginnings that cannot be stopped.

Maybe you're almost there but just cant reach that millionaire mark you have always dreamed of.

Nothing is impossible through the unbounded powers of this money-magnet spell.

Money is about to fall in love with you and find its way into your life in avalanches of abundance!

This most guarded of conjures has the power to instantly change the direction your financial life is heading. It taps into the highest powers on your behalf to give you the midas touch to manifest millions. Money is a spirit and responds to spirit. You will have the most powerful supernatural forces known to man working behind the scenes for you to open the bank vault doors to a new life of comfort and ease.

Do you know that there are more millionaires being made every month right now, even with the economy the way it is?!

Ordinary people are breaking through lack and limitation into amazing wealth all over the world.

Houngan Desilva's Exu millionaire maker spell will add 3 new people to this growing list.

It happens in different and unexpected ways but it happens!

These eternal powers work for the true believer! Do not delay your good fortune any longer.

There are only three currently because the time and ingredients involved to perform these make it so.

Connect with your good and allow the riches of the universe to find a new home in your life.

This is the beginning of new wealth riches and opportunities.

We will contact each buyer to obtain the information needed to begin your ceremony.

All the magickal work will be done for you by one of the highest ranking vodoun high priests we have been blessed to know and partner with.

After the completion of the ceremony you will be receiving the most powerfully consecrated Exu statue pictured . As each of the 3 are unique of themselves , none of them look exactly the same. There will only be one consecrated specifically for you with your name. You will also receive simple to follow instructions.

Please be sure you are ready for this extraordinary kind of blessing and never give up on the beauty of your dreams!


The dual color - Black and Red Exu statue is heavy and measures approx. 7" tall x 4" wide with 3 Golden keys on the crown of his head. 

There are 3 feathers on top - black, red and white. 

Star pattern red crystal psychic communication portal on his third eye on both sides.

Full instructions included with shipping. 

Don't delay !