Five Powers of Sri Ganesha Cosmic Wishes To Reality Empowered Magickal Talisman


::Lord of New Beginnings and remover of obstacles :::

Sri Ganesha will lead you into the inner chamber of your hearts deepest desires! Cosmic powers explode your desires into reality.

This is the start of a new and winning life for you.

The FIVE POWERS of Sri Ganesha have been powerfully cast into this talisman pendant by a guru who was a lifelong devotee of Sri Ganesha.

She lived a blessed life (materially and spiritually) and was a blessing to others. Her powers were legendary in her community. 


Are you ready to be amazingly blessed and radically empowered by the Five Powers of Ganesha?

1) Make your home a sanctuary and shelter of well-being. You will have heaven on earth!

2) Cosmic power to protect everyone you love and remove all causes of disharmony!

3) Cosmic power to bring abundance and harmony to all your relationships in business and work and increase your influence and income as well as have an excess for charity!

(this is omnipotent power working for you!)

4) Cosmic power to be creative and expand your knowledge and love of culture and spirituality

5) The power to combine the first and third powers!!! Brings great abundance to your life materially and spiritually!


Literally the best of both worlds will be yours!

Also Ganesha protects this abundance from negative influences!!!

(read this again...It's that good!)

Have you noticed yet that this is positive karma that releases miracles into your life immediately ?

Now imagine you were ALWAYS blessed by these five amazing powers!

Imagine what you could do for yourself and your loved ones.

Sri Ganesha's powers are nothing short of supernaturally amazing !

Whatever it is you want will be yours!

(the only limit is your imagination).

This works with super fast amazing speed and power by reversing karmic blockages.


You don't want to miss this one! This talisman is literally vibrating with Ganesha's 5 Powers.

Awesome spiritual vibrations are broadcast from this item at all times to cause you be extremely blessed in only the most positive ways imaginable.

Get ready for whatever will rock your world to the next level!

Serious and ancient magick for the results you deserve here and now.

Are you ready to...

Win with the 5 powers lovingly bound into this artifact ?

Winning is the only thing you can do.


Solid Gold Brass masterfully handcrafted and detailed highest quality Ganesha OX BONE talisman inlaid with genuine turquoise and coral.
Ganesha is standing on vedika, which symbolizes the foundation of the cosmos.
Show stopping wearable art and a very Powerful Talisman vibrating with positive power!
Has substantial weight and measures approx 3.5" long x 0.75 wide. 
Premium Quality two tone 22" Stainless Steel Gold and Silver tone rope chain pictured is included.