Illuminati Brotherhood Djinn of the Tibetan Master Spellbound Talisman


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In the mystical and magical land of Ifrit lived a family of Djinn, who were  in deep debt with the… | by Brujo Chico | Medium

Extremely Powerful Djinn Blessed Vessel to connect you to the Greatest Power in The Universe.

This is tapping into Source.

There is a reason the Wisdom of the East has been sought by the most powerful men and women of history.

Their biographies reveal a passionate quest to connect with the Source of existence itself.

They earnestly sought out the blessings of the Secret Himalayan Masters.

Now is your opportunity to join this elite and wise cabal.

You will receive an unending stream of Blessings as well as a refreshing, cleansing connection to regenerating Cosmic Energy.

Crafted and bound by Tibetan Masters to be a LODESTONE of Perpetual Good Fortune.

This ancient Djinn is well versed in the applications of Cosmic Energy to Truly Bless you in all areas of your life.

You will become Centered and able to Pull the circumstances you want to you without having to continually chase after them.

Centeredness is power.

This unique spirit will enrich your life and circumstances with his Vast Wisdom of the Mystic Foundations of the Universe.

Just having this vessel in your dwelling will start to harmonize the energies around you to bless you without even having to say a word.

You will find that your thoughts resonate with clarified intention and magical magnetism. They develop a gravity that pulls your destiny to you.

 You will release trapped energies within yourself to facilitate overall health and vitality.

Your deep spiritual connection to all of nature will become more and more enhanced as this spirit weaves it web of good fortune and cosmic attractiveness all around you.

You will become invisible to negative, destructive energies as their ill-effects exit your life.

Incredible heavy Solid Gold Brass 2 sided Talisman with spinning center and red crystal on both sides.

Premium Quality 22" 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.