Illuminati Nephilim Gold Activator 

The Gold Standard Series of Spell-Castings. 

Throughout the generations the Power Elite have used secret  mind/spirit technologies to dominate humanity.  

Secrets taught to our ancestors by the mighty Nephilim.

These secrets were meant for all but were hidden in the Royal libraries of Kings and Queens.

The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the "forbidden" arts.

This is where the power of the Illuminati comes from.

 Through this ancient and previously suppressed Nephilim Spell of forbidden power you will be intiated knowledge or gnosis of the Fire Snake. 

The Fire Snake is also known as the Kundalini.

Kundalini is the basis of all power, sexuality , glamour, influence, charisma, spiritual power , material manifestation.

Without the foundation of Kundalini... NOTHING HAPPENS.

 This is why in all secret societies the initiation of the Fire Snake Kundalini is one of their most sacred ceremonies.

This incredible 2 day Spell casting has taken years to craft and decipher.

How is it that the Elite can go away for a "weekend retreat" and come back seemingly changed and transformed?

The Secret Powers of the Nephilim. One of the Illuminati's most cherished Secrets.

This Kundalini Activator uses Sonic Magic Technology to manipulate the Astral realm like nothing else can.

 It is a POWERHOUSE all by itself,  and will fire your Kundalini like the heat from a thermonuclear explosion. 

Absolutely Forbidden Power to serve you as you see fit. 

The talismanic vessel which accompanies the spell has been sonically bathed in the matrix tonal frequencies. 

The minute you put it on you will feel a charge of raw power flooding through your body, unlike anything you have ever felt before.

If belonging to the Illuminati Bloodline feels "right" for you, act now to secure your working.