Light Palace of the Universal Buddha Sterling Silver Talisman


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Life is a state of consciousness.
~You are much more than a human being and can rise above the limitations of body and mind to experience New Dimensions of Consciousness.
~Awaken the mysteries within through the sacred mantra encoded crystal technology and connect with the primordial All.
~Experience a higher vibrational state of illumined awareness of your spiritual nature. 
The vibrational essence of Light Illumination will flow to you in a universal stream of perfect harmonious expression.
Purify yourself of Karmic attachments and become a channel for the Light of Spiritual Consciousness.
This beautifully mystical talisman is a Sterling Silver handcrafted pendant set with Genuine Amethyst crystal.
It measures approx. 2" with bail x 0.6" wide.
 Premium Quality 22" Stainless Steel chain pictured included.