LION'S GATE PORTAL 2022 Sirian Vortex Event


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Get ready to manifest some serious Leo season magick, because on Aug. 8, the Leo sun and the bright star Sirius will create an annual cosmic alignment known as the lion’s gate portal. This spiritual vibe is being amplified even more intensely this year, thanks to the amazing  Sirian Vortex. Between these stellar events and the numerology behind the number eight, August 8 (or 8/8) is set to be one of the luckiest days of 2022. If you're into astrology or numerology, you don't want to sleep on this opportunity to manifest abundance and dream big.



It’s a combination of the sun being in its home sign of Leo, the star Sirius rising in the skies (which becomes visible on or around Aug. 8 each year), and the numerological meaning of the number 8 (which is amplified on 8/8). Collectively, these factors vibrate with an auspicious energy that makes Aug. 8 a particularly lucky day for manifesting success and turning your dreams into reality.

The lion's gate portal occurs when the Earth and the Sirius star system are aligned. Astrologically, this portal is called the lion's gate portal due to the sun being in the sign of Leo. 

The Giza Pyramid Orion Stargate will be activated releasing transformational healing frequencies. Healing Body, Mind, and Soul. 

Soul-Grid Chakra Illumination and Alignment.

8-8 Lions Gate Infinity Empowerment will align you with your heart's deepest desires.

Many people experience the biggest breakthroughs of their lives during this sacred event. 

Sirius Vortex activated for Unexpected Money and Opportunities, Renewed Relationships, Career Advancements and Recognition, Whole Body Energy Make-over, Manifestation Powers Amplified. 

While Aug. 8 is considered the peak date for harnessing the mystical energy of the lion’s gateway, it’s believed that the manifestation portal is open for several weeks before and after, too. However, this year, the gateway is extra ripe for spiritually leveling up and creating changes in our lives like no other time before it. 

Eight is considered one of the luckiest numbers in numerology and often corresponds with wealth and abundance. Visually, an "8" is also literally an infinity symbol turned upright, which represents its unlimited potential. 8/8 is numerologically significant, since eight is the number of abundance and prosperity. Being the eighth day of the eighth month of the year charges this date with the energy of success (on top of all the astrological magic) — and better enables us to set clear intentions.

The significance of 8/8 blends astrology with numerology in a synergistic and fascinating way.

Sirius in Astrology is associated with wealth, passion, honor, and even fame — while the sun is the planet of confidence, willpower, and self-expression. That said, the fact that Sirius will align with the sun in the sign of Leo near this date is important. Leo is a raging fire sign, and its energy can attract all it desires like a moth to a flame. These success-attracting celestial bodies combined with the abundant numerological energy of 8/8 work together create the cosmic blend that makes the lion's gate portal such a powerful period for putting your intentions out into the universe.


Aug. 8, aka the “Lion's Gate Portal” Is Perfect For Manifesting.


8/8 is one of the luckiest day of the year  for manifesting, and this year is the most powerful of all — meaning it's a fabulous time to set intentions and do a personal abundance ritual.

The Lion's Gate Portal is an opening for high-frequency, high-vibrational energies — infused completely with Sirian energy — to flood down upon the Earth. The swirl of astrological and numerological magic on 8/8 can help us to "instantly manifest what we want."




Don't miss out... celebrate 8:8 Lion's Gate on Monday.

Join Us for the Divine 8:8 Stargate Portal of 2022 Ritual Ceremony.

This Powerful Stargate marks the beginning of the New 2022 Energies streaming into Earth. T

he Golden Sun in Leo Rising Together with the bright Star Sirius creates the New Cosmic Alignment.




This includes your personal ritual, manifesting sigil and a Special Crystal supercharged and consecrated only for YOU during this special ritual ceremony.