⛤Luciferian Eye of Psychic Power Level One Transference Ritual


Psychic power structures reality !
This highly potent ritual transfers a mantle of psychic awareness and occult sensitivity.
Your sixth sense will be awakened to new unseen realities.
This Luciferian ritual power cuts across all obstacles to your psychic development.
Utilizing the truly forbidden astral gateways of the Luciferian Aethers this rare ritual aligns you with your innate psychic potential while bypassing the obstacles to its development not addressed in most contemporary magick.
This is not for everyone obviously, but if you are called this is an incredible opportunity to pierce the psychic veil.
This level one ritual includes a talismanic link that will be mailed to you upon completion of your rite.
This is an excellent beginning level ritual that will not overload your system.
Rather it gently ushers you into a new dimension of psychic awareness in a way you can process and make immediate use of.
Also includes a special ritual subliminal cd recharger you can listen to anytime you need to get into the psychic zone.
The great mysteries of life await you !
Ex uno disce omnes!