⛤Magickal Consultation⛤


This consultation is for custom ritual spellcasting service that is not covered in any of our spells and rituals listed on the website.
If you are not sure which spell is right for you or would like a custom ritual spellcasting , then the consultation is probably the best way to start with.
Consultation covers only a specific recommendation of service to you.
 This consultation fee will be applied to your complete service if you choose the service.
Otherwise it is NOT refundable.
For frequently asked questions, please refer to our FAQ page.
If you have additional questions, you may order another consultation, which allows you to ask 3 questions.
Please note, that we do not reveal the inner workings of our magickal procedures, therefore do not purchase a consultation to ask how the magick or spell works.
Consultation fee is not refundable.

We do not answer direct emails.