Magnum Opus Dark Magister Gateway


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" Since there is a natural connection between everything in the universe and the whole of it is a manifold of powers, which attract and repel one another in various ways and by means of sympathy (elective affinity) are forcibly united in one life, it follows that a natural magic, theurgy, and divination must exist." Plontinus


The Essence of Power and Influence; body, mind, and soul are masterfully ensorcelled into this occult machine.

This is the Magnum Opus of the Dark Magister.

The forbidden master formula of desire-creation is ritually ensorcelled into this emergent primal beast. 

The Gateway.

11th Dimensional transference to interface the Serpentine codes oscillating along the 22 pathways of polarity inversion. 

Those with eyes to see will recognize the key.

How large is your acceptance of the possibilities of your life?

Are you bound or free?

Do you Rise or do you sink further into the stasis of forgotten dreams and buries desires? What shall you declare.

The Dark Magus returns from future realms to open a Gateway you have already walked through. Do you remember?

If so, you already know all this is capable of. Close your eyes and see.

This is a Beast. Heavy and for a good reason.

(Approx. size 2.5" long x 1.5" wide.)

Lifetime custom crafted. Solid sterling silver with purple gemstone eyes.

Everything is intentional. It exudes a rarefied power that is unmistakable and utterly unique.

Some might even say it exhibits the qualities of a living thing. 

Shipped in its own sigilized Sanctuary box to house it in.

Byzantine sterling silver 20" chain pictured is included.

Parchment of instructions and transfer seal also included.

This is the only one. When it's gone, it's gone. 

Do not wait any longer. Close your eyes and see who you really are.