✣Majestic Palace of the Dragon Lord Conqueror Spellbound Talisman✣


We are blessed and honored to release what has been considered one of the greatest magickal secrets of all time.

The Dragon Lord Conqueror awakens to serve a New Master.

The Dragon Lord  is feared and respected!

The Dragon Lord represents Power and Invincibilty!

The Dragon Lord is the giver of great Wealth!

The Dragon destroys all dangers and difficulties attempting to block your success and happiness!!!  

If you are one of the uncommon few who are determined to get the things you want in life there is no greater magick available.

The power of the Dragon Lord is unbelievable!

Blessings of Body Mind and Soul directed to  whatever your specific circumstances require.

This spectacular vessel embodies both ancient Power and timeless Invincibilty.

It is Bold and Commanding.

Ritually empower yourself to conquer and win in the arena of life.

It's magick is completely ritually self-contained and requires no special skills to reap its limitless rewards. 

Make the decision to let the greatest adventure of your life begin now.

 Exquisitely crafted .925 Sterling Silver Dragon wrapped around Quartz Crystal Sphere pendant.
Approx. size 1.5" with bail x about 1" wide.
Premium Quality 24" Stainless Steel rope chain pictured is included.