Memetic Avatar Reality Shaman Ritual



" Reality is a wave function traveling both backward and forward in time." John L. Castri 

You are about to take yourself on a journey to a whole new level of power.

Are you ready to hack the matrix? Let’s begin.

There is something you need or want to become.

This means that there is something that needs to be communicated into the substrate, or hidden layers of reality for your desire to manifest into reality.

The dimensions of reality must be patterned at each level to reverberate the echo of your desires into a preexisting pathway of phenomenal manifestation.

The future is the past you haven't remembered yet.

This ritual takes control of the intersecting lines of communication to move you into that new space that the Universe is now talking about.

A unique synchronicity will be reflected into your life and circumstance.

When this happens, you will find that you are now experiencing the mythos that has been woven around your desired outcome. 

In short, you will have what you want. The results will be yours.  

Using the 3 levers of occult reality-engineering this ritual will enter a code into the spirit realm that patterns the fabric of reality in alignment with your dominant desires, speeding their manifestation into your reality.

This is a proprietary magical technology you will find nowhere else. 

This is a 3-night ritual.  Each night actuates one of the memetic levers.

We will contact you after purchase to obtain the necessary information.

From this we will design your personal reality code which will be uploaded during your ritual. 

Personalized Memetic Shaman talisman package will be shipped on completion of your ritual.