Life is warfare.

Always has been and always will be the nature of reality.

When you want anything in this life, there will be a warfare to get it. 

In warfare you must protect your mind at all costs because it is your greatest weapon.

Eligos will teach you how to win against all attacks on your mind gate as you advance in your power and extend your reach and influence in this world.

He will infuse your mind with the winning strategies of the war arts so you can vanquish your foes and walk through life victoriously no matter what it is you are facing.

Just imagine how valuable it would be to possess this power.

As a commander of 60 legions of spirits , Eligos will provide you with the most options to dominate with cunning and concealment, so they never see you coming.

You will start to feel much more confident as you deal with life. This confidence will keep growing as Eligos imparts his mantle of power to you.

He will reveal secret plans others may have against you and give you the ability to stop them from interfering with your success and happiness.

You will be protected like never before as your and this palpable energy will radiate out from you like an impenetrable diamond shield.