⛤Mystic Qabbalah Hermetic Money Wealth Divine Abundance Spell


 “I know thou canst do everything...” - Job 42:2 

Is anything too hard for the Lord” - Genesis 18:14 

“The pure impulse of dynamic creation is formless ; and being formless, the creation it gives rise to can assume any and every form.” - Kabbalah


Pay close attention!

The world-mind wants to keep you broke and powerless to pursue YOUR dreams.


Because when you pursue your dreams you are not keeping in line with the status-quo.

You are declaring that you have a right to your happiness, on your terms and they don't like it.

Face it... You can only GET what you give yourself.

 This statement is supported by the Divine.

 "THOU shalt DECREE a thing and it shall be established unto YOU!" - Job 22:28

Picture yourself five years from now actually living  your life on your terms because Spirit  has provided you with the means to do so.

Imagine what it would be like if you could be BLESSED with Divine Favor in All  you put your hand to.

The Mystic Kabbalah Money Wealth Divine Abundance Spell will surround you with the Energy and Consciousness of Divine Wealth and Abundant Prosperity. 

Your name and needs will be powerfully brought into the Presence of the Inner Court of the Divine using an ancient, time-tested, magical prayer formula taught to us by a Sephardic Rabbi who always seemed to manifest untold amounts of material prosperity for anyone that came to him for help.

As a scholar of the Zohar and Kabbalah, this modern day mystic appeared to live in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of what the "economy" or the depressive world-mind stated was "normal." 

 Just picture:

*Money seeking YOU out for a change

*Uncommon Business Success

*Unexpected Sources of Money Crossing your Path

*Ideas that could give you the Financial Freedom you crave

*Living in an awareness of God-Consciousness that always provides

 Upon your purchase all we need from you is your name and a brief description of your most pressing needs, which will then brought before the Divine using this special method of sacred manifestation. 

Upon completion of your special working we will contact you and also send you a special amulet and prayer linking you to your supernatural favor.

You will experience positive results that can only be attributed to the Supernatural.

One touch from the hand of the Divine is all it takes to begin changing the direction of your life.

We look forward to serving you, and seeing you walk in the success you desire.