⛤Necronomicon Master Warlock Vampire Rite



Imagine for a moment experiencing the powers of the risen vampire master as you tap into a timeless current of forbidden dark Necronomicon Magick!

The Vampire Master can transcend time itself.

Light can be angled through will to access hidden dimensions and mirror your essence across eternity.

The master warlocks secrets of darkness are embedded within you through this stunning ritual.

Rise as a Vampiric Lord.

* This is your key to the akashic field and beyond 

*You will be able to project your will through time and space 

* You will pull the sexual energies from others to fuel your power 

* You will invade dreams and program the matrix of reality to serve you

Weave the spell of time-magick and aether-shaping

Dare to live your dreams!

The power is here to taste the soft flesh of your most cherished desires.

To embrace and have everything you have ever desired and longed for.

Vampire Magus ur gate bestows the mantle of an occult master.

The elite superiority of this spell is not for the timid or undecisive.

It bestows a lifetime and beyond of vigorous dynamic occult power.

There are no limits to what can be accomplished!

Claim your title to the royal bloodline.

Fly the night!