Bloodstar of the Archons Psychic Power Supreme Rite


Psychic dreamscapes filter across the akashic from the 7 realms of the Archons.

The primal energy of psychic self-mastery transmuted through the Yaldabaoth Event Horizon transforms your psychic mind-force as it resurrects to new levels of power.

Released at a most critical time to give you the psychic tools you must have to survive and thrive.

Psychic force that cannot be contained, limited or thwarted in any way. 

The 7 Archons channel psychic energy instantaneously from every point in time and space transdimensionally.

Through this singular and unique ritual you will be aligned with the precise Archonic frequencies to reap the benefits of psychic mastery on all levels. 

You contain universal forces within yourself, which, when unlocked will revolutionize every aspect of your life. 

Your energetic pathways  will be restored to their highest levels of resonance and equilibrium = PSYCHIC MASTERY.

This is a seven night ritual which will align one Archonic vibrational access code to your auric body each night to create a fully stabilized and activated psychic power within you. You will begin to feel the powers growing within you each night of the ritual. This refined level of vibrational harmony will give you insights and premonitions reserved for only a very few.

Use this knowledge and power as you will.

As above, so below.

Personalized talisman package and never before released Archon master seal of psychic power will be shipped upon completion of your ritual.