ANCIENT KEY OF LIFE Dreams into Reality Enchanted Sterling Silver 24K Gold Talisman


We exist amidst a sea of boundless energy!

We ourselves are fundamentally energy!

Every problem we have in our lives are energetically based!

The ancients understood this completely!

The gods shared with them the secrets of balancing this energy to allow life to manifest in it's completeness and harmony.

They transferred to them the key of life.

Through the ancient key of life you will receive the transference of wisdom and power to immediately begin to bring power, balance, and harmony to your life and circumstances.

Whatever problems you are now facing can be vanquished and transformed to unlimited positive energy.

:::When balance is restored your life becomes golden and magical:::

::Your spiritual energies are amazingly refreshed:::

:::Your vibrations become magnetically attractive bringing power , peace and prosperity to all areas of your life:::

:::There is no limit to what is possible once you are flowing with highest level vibrations:::

:::The vibrational level of the ancient gods:::

The resurrection power of this remarkable key will radically change your life for the better...Magnified a hunderedfold!

It's now time to resurrect your hopes and dreams.

The Ancient Key of Life Talisman is beautifully handcrafted from oxidized (blackened) Sterling Silver and 24K GOLD.

Total Key length is almost 2" with bail.

22" 18K Gold plated stainless steel chain is included.