Protection Buddha Vessel *300 Powers! Absolute Protection From All Evil


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Have you ever been afraid to wake up for fear of what was waiting for you?

Are you facing a problem so big that you just feel like giving up and quitting?

Do not ever give up hope!

This sacred Buddha has vanquished your foes for you so you may begin to live in peace and harmony again.

Blessed with 300 of the most powerful blessings of pure-land Buddhist incantations to blast evil curses out of your life for good.

This is so powerful that this should only be used by those who are facing extreme problems and need the absolutely most powerful curse destroying magick there is.

The instant you hold and look at this Buddha Amulet you will feel evil being erased from your life.

It is that powerful!!!

Whatever curse have been cast against you will be destroyed and rendered utterly powerless against you.

Darkness will be replaced with eternal peace and light.

You will be immediately surrounded by the most powerful protection magick known to man.

This is a weapon of mass destruction against all the curses and evil that have ever been cast against you.

There is someone reading now who has tried everything out there to get rid of generational curse who has almost given up hope of ever being free.

This is for you.

Listen and act now !


This Handcrafted Buddha pendant is a substantial piece, crafted from golden brass that gives it a weighty and solid feel.

The pendant features an intricately detailed figure of the Buddha in a classic meditative pose, seated atop a cylindrical prayer wheel base.

The amulet is inlaid with genuine Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Red Coral, each stone contributing both a vibrant splash of color and a unique spiritual significance.

The deep, celestial blue of the Lapis Lazuli is often associated with wisdom and truth, while the bright, sky-blue Turquoise typically symbolizes healing and protection.

The Red Coral adds a dynamic contrast with its warm, energizing hue, symbolizing vitality and life force.

Measures approx. 3" long with bail x 1" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.