“‘Oh! that I might have a book of spells that would give me resistless power.’

“He obtained a book of the Formulas of Rameses-Meri-Amen, the Great God, his royal Master. By the Divine Powers of these, he enchanted men. He obtained a deep vault furnished with implements. He made waxen images of men, and love-charms. And then he perpetrated all the horrors that his heart conceived.”

Harris Papyrus. 

"Pone me ut signaculum super cor tuum."

(Set me as a seal upon thine heart)

Pyramid Djinn Zorastot the Egyptian. 

When you demand that they must love and desire you and disregard all else until it happens.

They are compelled to the unquenchable flames of your passions by this aggressive Djinn and the faithful spirits he commands.

Can be used in any relationship circumstance when all else has failed.

This is for the most extreme cases, and due to the intensity and complexity of the conjurations involved, this is priced at a higher level than other Djinn workings for love.

There is a vessel pendant you must wear for 3 consecutive nights while reciting the scared magic words you will also receive. 

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