Rex Mundi Resurrection of the Supreme Ensorcelled Talisman


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Rex Mundi 

("King of the World.")

What the King Thinks, he creates. What the King Imagines, he becomes.

 The King is a power that applies to all who would wield this force.

"In alchemy, light and dark and male and female are joined together in the idea of the chemical marriage, and from the marriage (of light and dark) the filius philosophorum emerges, and a new light is born."

This power is the Supreme. 

A King goes directly after what he wants as a dynamic and active force. 

A King commands and he is obeyed. His Word is magical law.

Through the Rex Mundi Resurrection you will be given a Supreme force. 

He who has the force has the power to pierce and dominate the reality of others.

The King takes what he wants. The secret formula behind this is much more than it appears.

The ritual powers will transfer this secret to you. This is how it has always been done.

The King carries many secrets.

Rise, Speak and Command.

This is the triumvirate of supreme power and dominance that will be released into your life through the Rex Mundi Resurrection talisman. 

If you've been thinking of how crazy the world has been looking lately, then the Rex Mundi powers will give you a rock-solid confidence of mind.

Power in this world. The more you use it, the more power you will have to get what you want.

Powerful and darkly primal dagger/cross talisman with two skulls is made of solid polished sterling silver. 

This is a substantial and heavy piece of occult power that is fully detailed on each side, front and back.

Measures 3.5" long with bail x 1.25" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.


A definite bold statement piece crafted to last a lifetime. Fully ensorcelled and ready to start working for you immediately.

There is only one available at this time so act quickly if it calls to you.