Royal Golden Buddha OM Wealth Matrix Multiplier Spellbound Ring


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AI Art Generator: Gautam Buddha, with his fifty monks, sitting quietly in  the garden, beautiful green garden, big tree, colorful flowers, heaven,  mountain, river, moon stars

Manifest Blessed Wealth, Money that multiplies itself from Limitless Source.

Works for you 24/7 attracting only the best of the best.

Blessed in Buddhist Temple with 7 supreme wealth offerings to connect you to the realms of timeless celestial prosperity.

*Immediate blessings for you.

*Door opener.

*The power of new beginnings.

*There is no limit.

The vibration of creation surrounds you at all times. Wear, touch or keep it next to you.

You will immediately sense the peace and power which it emanates. 

*Absolute Positive Wealth Attraction.

No negative energies can exist in the field of Pure Light.

Vibrates at OM Source Field to manifest abundant wealth and prosperity. The essence of money itself shall be yours.

This power is used by some of the most truly successful people all across the globe. 

Now is your opportunity to join them.


Solid Stainless Steel with Golden 3D Buddha carved crystal.

Engraved Buddha details on both sides of the band.