Sacred Life Force of Shekinah Divine Feminine Spirit Enchanted Sterling Silver Earrings


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There is a Power which transcends all time.

The divine rejuvenating energies of the Shekinah will surround you in a radiant Light which will dissolve the darkness of negative forces, leaving you spiritually refreshed and illuminated. 

The Light of Cosmic Consciousness will Awaken your inner powers as it consumes all negative energies and limitations.

The lead of darkness is turned into Gold and powerful new beginnings shall be yours as you are bathed in the Sacred Life Force.

This is the Sacred Power of New Beginnings.

The Shekinah is the manifestation of the Wisdom Goddess of the Kabbalah, the Old Testament and Merkavah Mysticism. She encompasses the primordial light of creation, the wisdom of the serpent and the inspiration of the dove. She is the beauty of the lily and the embodiment of the Tree of Life. She is also the World soul, heavenly glory, mother of angels, inspiration for prophecy, and source of souls, as well as being the Shabbat Bride and the wife of God.

These ALLURING earrings are made of SOLID STERLING SILVER
~only one pair available~