Secrets of New Beginnings Revealed!

 "Eternity, therefore is an image of god; the cosmos is an image of eternity; and the sun is an image of the cosmos.

The human is the image of the sun." -Hermetica.

RA, Father of the gods, who rose from the waters of Nu and shone forth the Illuminating Rays of the Sun, shall shine a Light for you where only there was darkness.

 Created for a special individual we offer this Mysterious Spell and Talisman: The Portal of Ra-Atum.

Bathed through the dimensional doorway of the zero point field, this breathtakingly beautiful Vibrational Stargate Talisman has been energized with the encoded formulas of the Ra papyrus word-spells. 

The Light Energies forever traversing the cosmos since Ra spoke the divine Word of Beginnings as He emerged from the primordial Waters of Nun have been embedded into the crystalline structure of this powerful occult machine.

 "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real." -Niels Bohr.

Are you ready to experience:

 :::Healing Powers of New Beginnings:::

:::Harmonious Alignment with the Immortal Energies of First Cause (Everything Good you could ever Desire flows from this):::

:::Psychic Doorway to Self Realization:::

:::Massive Breakthrough of seemingly immovable obstacles:::

:::The Nourishing Life-Current of the Unmanifested Bliss of Spirit:::

:::Amazing Powers of the Egyptian Fountain of Youth::: 

This  Magical Masterpiece Spell and Ra Portal has been called into being for you dear friend.


The Ancient Gods and Goddesses call to their chosen children

as the time of transformation approaches.


Along with your Sacred Ra Atum Spell Workings you will receive special personalized written secrets on how to fully benefit from your *RA Talisman*(Many astounding uses for its powers which can only be shared with the buyer, such as the Age-Defying waters of Nu secret. There was a real reason for Cleopatra's eternal beauty.)

Do you feel a psychic connection to the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt?

Does Ra call to you from Al-Khem?

Listen to your heart.

"Horus over the Milky Way of Heaven, who makes Ra alive every day. He will build Unas again, he will make Unas alive every day. … Unas brings Thee the great left eye as healer [ the healed Eye of Ra]. Receive it from the hand of Unas being uninjured – its water is in it uninjured, its red is in it uninjured, its breathing is in it uninjured. Enter into it, take it into thy possession, in this Thy name He-with-the-Divine-Ruler’s-Decoration, that Thou mayest approach it in thy name of Ra. … So that Thou shinest forth, thereby among the gods in this his name, That-Which-Sparkles." -Pyramid Text.

The Ministry of Magic is honored to serve and assist you.