For absolute mastery of the spirit of money in all its forms, shapes and manifestations. 

Control the ever-flowing currents of money wealth which surround you at all times.

This Djinn sees and understands the shape and flow of money.

He will connect you to this invisible stream to increase your money manifestation.

Increase your capacity to receive larger inflows of money than you ever thought possible.

This highly advanced Enochian Djinn is absolutely serious, and laser focused on manipulating the currents of money in your favor. 

Embedded in the vibrational structure of money is a highly specific set of combination locks that must be opened in perfect sequence to divert the wealth overflow into your life. 

  The Djinn knows and understands exactly what must be done and then completes the task with unmatched speed and precision using the innumerable combinations of the Enochian aethyr keys to connect you with extreme wealth in ways nothing else can.

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