SPELLBINDING ANGEL RAZIEL Portal of Metaphysical Cosmic Knowledge


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Imagine having a Master Key that would unlock the Secrets of Time and Eternity.

You live in a sea of limitless psychic energy.

How would you like to open a door to this realm of universal knowledge?

Raziel will connect you directly with the limitless energetic wisdom of the universe as he guides you across the psychic seas of time and space.

Raziel will help you to:

*Know the Secrets of Eternity*

*Retrieve Past Life Insights*

*Tap into the Sacred Geometry of Source Energy*

*Contact Aetheric Intelligences*

*Dream the Thought Language of the Universe*

*Travel to Ancient and Future Worlds through the Power of Akashic Dreaming*

*Find answers and Clear Guidance for your every life situation*

*Sail the Oceans of Boundless Universal Wisdom with Total Safety*


Are you ready to expand your cosmic awareness?
When you connect to Raziel you will begin a journey that will last a lifetime and beyond.
Raziel is endlessly wise and wields an infinite power to serve you as a Channel of Light.

There's no effort involved. In fact it's quite the reverse.

We have done all the work for you so you can achieve maximum results with ease.

Upon completion of your personalized binding you will receive this  consecrated Talisman  to further link and bond you to Raziel.

Your investment for a lifetime of incredible power and influence will reward you richly.

This is the Ancient Magic that can make your dreams a reality.

Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver with Turquoise Blue Sea Sediment Jasper and Amethyst with beautiful detail on the bail.

Total size is approx. 2" plus bail.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.