Stalking Wolf Nagual Shamans Power Sterling Silver Ring


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Show me the ways of the wolf he asked. 

Very powerful wolf spirit ally linked to this ring. To own it is to possess primal knowledge, and a source of transformational shamanic perceptions as you look upon the world through awakened eyes. To aid the wearer in their journey, the ring channels ancient protective powers that bring forth visions, guidance, and support. It provides a stronger connection to natural forces, granting the ability to see beyond the material plane into the spiritual world.   

You will experience the expanded perception of unbending intent empowered by resurgent atavisms. True Nagual impartation. You will be massively successful in all of your spirit work and communications. You will be enabled to penetrate the barriers and shift the dreaming winds of consciousness. 
These energies can be used to help work through difficult changes, become more in sync with life’s cycles, and find peace in the present moment.  The ring also acts as an amplifier of energy and intention, channeling energy towards creating a powerful change.
The ring can be used as an aid in journeying beyond the physical world, and to access spiritual realms and knowledge. Furthermore, every time you wear it, you'll experience an enhanced awareness of the power of the Universe, and a greater connection to the spirits that it is linked to.
It is said that Stalking Wolf had many great teachers in the way of the Nagual and he has been blessed by his animal allies to carry the power of the wolf. He would have worn this ring as a sign of his bond to the spirit of the wolf and as an expression of the power he had attained. The ring is an extraordinary artifact that embodies the ancient wisdom of the Nagual and holds untold secrets of powerful shamanic practice.  It's a way to access the power of Stalking Wolf himself, and it represents a deep connection to the animal spirit world.
The wolf spirit ally has been known to grant new insights and wisdom to those who invite it into their life. It is said it can also enhance the dreamers abilities to travel between the realms of the unseen. The power of this ring is immense and comes with great responsibility.  
Are you called to be the guardian of its ancient shamanic power?

Necessary ritual transference will be performed by us once you receive the ring.  

Very detailed eye-catching vintage Sterling silver ring size 10-10 1/2.

Can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing.

We will be happy to share them with you upon purchase.