✣STARGATE 999✣ Divine Portal of Ascension✣Connect with your Destiny


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Have you ever desired intimate connection to the Source of creation itself?

A connection to inexhaustible radiance and peace of mind found only in the Ancient pathways?

Are you called by an inner voice to understand who you are and your eternal purpose in life?

To understand the magnificence of who you really are?

The Stargate 999 Divine Ascension Portal is the cosmic key to open these ancient pathways to your souls ascension.  

When you feel the connection to Source Energy your inner spirit soars to new heights of possibility and manifestation power.

To the supernatural and miraculous realms of Spirit.

It is all inter-connected by cosmic law.

Through the Stargate 999 you will enter a living gateway to the paths of the inner plane, understanding, connecting, and activating  your divine destiny. 

This Divine Talisman is truly extraordinary. Fully handcrafted~Astoundingly Beautiful Green Copper Turquoise wrapped in uniquely designed Solid Sterling Silver. Features an Red Amethyst Crystal in the center. Super rare and unique.

Measures approx.2" plus bail x 1" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.

Only one available.

The protection vibration of copper turquoise is quite comforting which will take the owner in the state of deep mediation at the faster pace and will protect him from all the negative vibes and power flowing. This talisman filters the fifth element and in order to revitalize and harmonize the etherized body. The spiritual stroke makes the body of the wearer able to rise and to reach at the higher frequency just by creating a field of aura all around. This gemstone become a great resonance with the Third Eye Chakra and by developing the intuition of the wearer it raises the birth gift of his soul. With the powers and properties of copper, this talisman holds along the wisdom of truth inside it. The wearer may learn how to adjust in various situations in his life through the power of this gemstone. Most of the people treasure this gem as a powerful charm with its healing properties. It is also believed that this gemstone improves the overall strength of the mind and body of the beings.