Templar Gold Vortex of Jupiter Money Manifestor


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Money is a currency. It flows and circulates.

It is a divine movement that can be harnessed in ways that defy ordinary logic and expectations.

Just as the health of your body depends on the circulation of blood, the health of your finances depends on the unobstructed flow of money into your life. 

The obstructions must be dissolved so the gold may flow.

(Solve et coagula).

This was the secret magic of the Templars staggering wealth hidden in the sacred alchemy of the planetary spirits.

As above, so below.

This talisman is a direct conduit to the powerful ever-flowing current of money that is all around you at every moment.

This abundance of money is your divine birthright that no force on earth can stop you from receiving once the correct planetary spirits have been aligned to you.

Because they exist beyond the earth sphere, they cannot be stopped from connecting you with the money you need to fulfill your divine destiny.

If you are ready to receive, the spirits are ready to give. Don't miss out.

Treat yourself the unfair advantage you need to dominate in 2023.

Only one available at this time.

Eye-catching solid sterling silver Templar Cross talisman has been ritually empowered to start working immediately. 

Measures approx 1.5" with bail x 0.75" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.