“He obtained a book of the Formulas of Rameses-Meri-Amen, the Great God, his royal Master. By the Divine Powers of these, he enchanted men."

Harris Papyrus.

Djinn TZALAL travels through the resonant codes embedded in the Tetragrammaton ascension helix.

He assisted Moses on his mystic journeys as he was trained in all the magical arts of ancient Egypt.

He is an opener of blocked or difficult paths.

When you are venturing into new territories in your personal, family, business or magical life, he will make clear the path before you.

He will neutralize any threats or dangers as well as give you great favor and recognition with those you deal with.

This is a wonderful power to have working for you behind the scenes. 

In uncertain times he smooths the paths you will walk upon giving you peace of mind and a balanced and powerful core energy.

Also extremely helpful with chakra balancing and meridian alignment. 


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