đ“‹ą The Covenant of Amenti đ“‚€ 365 Aion Key Ritual


This is a very dangerous time.
The barriers between the worlds will be broken.
The coming of the "Aion" is at hand.

Encoded in a secret ritual cipher, the Covenant of Amenti 365 Aion Key is a passport to a new world of unrepentant power and certainty.  This is a new paradigm changer that could only be released at this time. A quick survey of the world around you will confirm that this is so. 
The Covenant 365 requires the sacrifice of the inner psychic vampires of self-sabotage and the renunciation of all the excuses and rationalizations that have kept you bound and just out of reach of your full potential .
The Covenant  365 is a secret code that unlocks the door to the New World as you assume the god-form of the new Aion.

The "game" is for players who dare to play.
You have won many battles in your lifetime, and obtained many prizes, yet you know there is more you are capable of.
The awareness of it burns within you, pushing you to find the secrets hidden from the masses.
If you are ready to step into the New Reality, the Covenant of Amenti will take you there. And fast.
Speed is the new emerging constant.
The Covenant  is a powerful ritual technology for breaking through the barriers between the  worlds and transforming your life.
In these times of global chaos and confusion, it will provide a key to the new vistas of power that are emerging.
There is no need to fear once you possess the secret.
You can be drowned by the waves of the emerging current or harness and ride them to personal victory.
You will be Subject or Sovereign: the choice is yours alone. 

 Your singular and unique ritual will be performed in our Starfire Temple where it will be masterfully aligned to the transformational octave of Saturn.
You will receive the Covenant of Amenti Cipher Key which contains an advanced secret of magical manifestation and energy patterning to project your power through time and space.   
One key is all it takes to unlock the Covenant. The greatest secrets are hidden in plain sight.
Do you have the eyes to see?