The Eyes of Samael Formula of Magickal Desire Ensorcelled Talisman


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Samael, the Lawless God of Darkness and Sorcerous Father of those called to the magical arts, the witches and warlocks of renown, now calls to you.

For ye shall be as gods.

The Eyes of Samael contain a source of unimaginable power to transfer a profound understanding of magickal knowledge.

It has been ritually encoded with the forbidden formula of desire. 

Its power is electrifying in its intensity and deep astral alchemy. 

De Sire is derived from the Latin and means "of the father."

The formula of desire revealed by Samael (the father) is hidden in plain sight for those with the eyes to see. 

Rabbi Hiyya said: "The sons of God were the sons of Cain. For when Samael mounted Eve, he injected filth into her, and she conceived and bare Cain. And his aspect was unlike that of the other humans and all those who came from his side were called sons of God."- Kabbala: Zohar 1:37a

 What is it that you truly desire from magick?

What is it the forbidden knowledge that you must have at all costs?

What fire still burns deep within you as you contemplate the unknown realms? 

The Eyes of Samael coagulate your magickal desires into manifest material form through the dark alchemical formula of reverse polarity conception.

This has always been viewed as a truly black and forbidden path to magical knowledge and power shunned by those who would rather keep you running in mazes of misdirection and confusion.

No more!

Yes, will Know more.

Real magickal knowledge is all around you, just waiting for the new eyes to see it.

When you perceive through the eyes of the witch and warlock a new world of wonders shall be laid at your feet.

Are you ready to see beyond the confines of the normal world and into the realm of the unknown?

Here is your opportunity.

Powerful solid sterling silver talisman ensorcelled with the formula of Samael.

The three skulls are solid (not hollow) and highly detailed.  Designed to last a lifetime.

The skulls represent the eternal unrelenting focus of the magickal currents of knowledge which exist beyond the gates of mortal time.

For those who dare to cross this threshold, a new world awaits. 

Programmed to start working for you immediately.

Approx. size 1.5" long with bail x 1.25" wide.

Skulls are approx. 0.75" in size each.

Premium Quality 3mm thick 22" long Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.