The Haunted Sorceress' Djinn Magick Evocative Vintage Spirit Portal


Sold Out

Greetings seeker,
Do you seek knowledge and power of the Djinn dimension???
Do you want to advance your abilities to see and know the secrets they are willing to share?
This haunted Sorceress Djinn Spirit Portal vibrates with the astral speed of the Djinn dimension.
You can feel the incredible vibrations from this consecrated vessel.

You will feel the amazing energy from this vessel even when you do not have it on.

( You do not have to wear it for it to work)

But, when you do have it on energy will pulsate through you that is unmatched to what you have EVER felt before!

Absolutely safe for all concerned.
You will be blessed with ability to communicate with djinn, spirits and supernatural entities.

You will be able to see and hear what they are thinking with ease.

This vessel will work with and is actually a powerful enhancement to all of your Djinn magickals.

This is the Sorceress' gifting.

Get ready for a new level of Djinn communication and understanding because this item can really change your life!!!

The Haunted Sorceress' Djinn Evocative Vintage Spirit Portal
set with a mysterious beautiful purple Sugilite stone.
Amazingly enchanting and delicate pendant
about 1.25" x 0.75"
Comes with a 22" Shimmering exquisite 1oo% Sterling Silver chain pictured (not silver plated)