The Mechanics of Consciousness Alien Implant Neutralizer Ritual



Alien implants.

This is a very real phenomena which can have a lingering detrimental impact on the lives of the recipients.

They can be both semi-physical and energy-based interface technologies.

They are much more common than you think.

There have been mass implantations happening at an increased rate since the early 1900s.

These implantations use aetheric cloaking that manipulate energy fields to remain invisible and undetected to normal methods.

They are usually felt rather than seen.

Implants drain and paralyze energy.

They can cause interruption of your magnetic field, infect chakras, and divert meridian flow.

This is abduction of your vital energies in real time. 

These implants drain the chakra/ kundalini bio-electric energies slowly but surely.

Many have been located within the Third Eye chakra, blocking natural psychic abilities and soul ascension.

Many times, they are felt as something unnatural and out of place in the soul's makeup.

This can be an unexplained and sudden rise in feelings of anger and rage that are out of character. Unexplained loss of time.

Feelings of increased dread and anxiety.

Unusual dreams that repeat the themes of sadness and fear. These generated emotions actually empower the implants.

This is only a small sampling of the residual effects which become apparent over time.

Just as there are negative, malevolent alien entities, there are also interested alien forces with the advanced spiritual technologies to assist us in this cosmic battle.

They will be called upon to discern the spectrum and type of implants you may have been infected with.

Once identified they are carefully neutralized to restore balance to your energetic, spiritual pathways. 

Once the implants have been neutralized you will begin to feel an expansion of consciousness, more energy and a centering reconnection with your opened chakra flow. 

Once your unique ritual has completed you will be given a full report concerning the findings including the locations and entities involved and the actions taken.

It's time to remove the blocks and reclaim your power.