The Nightwalker's Covenant Immortal Pulse Vampire Ankh Spellbound Talisman


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Imbued with the timeless mystique of Ancient Egypt, The Nightwalker's Covenant Immortal Pulse Vampire Ankh Spellbound Talisman resonances of irresistible magnetism and power. This talisman radiates the primordial strength of the Ankh and the Eye of Horus and speaks a language known only to those touched by the eternal night.

The Ankh, the Egyptian key of life, transcends earthly limits, symbolizing immortality and eternal life—a testament to the unyielding power of the wearer. Seated in the heart of the Ankh is the vigilant Eye of Horus, a potent symbol of protection and divine wisdom. This sacred eye peers into the twilight realms, bestowing upon its possessor the ability to perceive the unseen, and navigate the cosmic waves with unparalleled precision.

This pendant serves as a gatekeeper of secrets, a wellspring of vampiric power. As you wear this Vampire Ankh you become attuned to the pulsating energies of the nocturnal world.

Each moment with The Nightwalker's Covenant Immortal Pulse Vampire Ankh further intertwines your destiny with the arcane mysteries of the vampires, making you an integral part of this ancient, shadow-veiled lineage. Enshroud yourself in this ethereal artifact and feel the powerful darkness of the endless night coursing through your veins, making your existence a testament to eternal allure and power. Step forth into the nocturnal shadows and claim your place in the grand dance of eternity.


Exquisitely crafted Stainless Steel Pendant measures approx. 2" long plus bail x 1.5" wide. 

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.