The Synod of Solar Fires Cross of Leviathan Rite


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“May those who curse days curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan.” (Job 3:8)

There is a power that penetrates  even the most heavily fortified kingdoms, whether material or spiritual. A Powers that shakes the very foundations of reality to  push through the veils that separate the dimensions of existence. There is One power that is most advantageous to the one who seeks personal mastery and the power to rule kingdoms and expand their influence and reach, and that power is Leviathan.
Since late antiquity, the secret elite have called forth the primordial serpent Leviathan to secure the powers, hopes and dreams through the astral matrix of the primordial Dragon Leviathan. This Rite of Solar Fires is the primary means by which the many different secret elite groups of the world maintain their power and influence. The Rite of Solar Fires is the secret elite’s primary method of projecting and maintaining the physical and energetic existence of their groups, societies and institutions. It is the primary means by which they control and dominate the masses of the human population of the Earth.
Would you rule as King or Queen of your unique existence and you give yourself every advantage to succeed against the odds? Are there doors that must be opened for your success to materialize with the intensity you desire? Doors that would otherwise remain shut to even your best efforts? You have the opportunity to open such doors through the Rite of Solar Fires, a secret method of calling forth the primordial serpent Leviathan to serve as your personal power source, your personal energy matrix.
The purpose of the Rite of Solar Fires is to access the Dragon Leviathan, the primordial Dragon that lives within the Astral Matrix and to channel it into the physical realm through the Black Sun. This Rite is used to create the Solar Fires that will act as the physical manifestation of the Dragon Leviathan, the power that is most advantageous to the one who seeks personal mastery and the power to rule kingdoms and expand their influence and reach.
The manifestation of your goals will be shaped from the ethers of the Black Sun as the physical mold is secured by Leviathan. This is all that can be revealed, and even this may be too much. For the ONE with eyes to see , you will achieve an adamantine expression of your Will, Desire, and Belief like you have never experienced before. Think about this, and you will begin to SEE.
This is an absolutely stunning Synod Solar Fire necklace set. The sterling 925 silver Solar Fire pendant has gemstones placed at the 4 Cardinal spirit portals. A meticulously handcrafted sterling Silver gematria Necklace which represents the 23 Orb access points of Leviathan. 23 is the code to pierce the forbidden. This is an artisan crafted, heavy,  lifetime and beyond masterpiece. Will be shipped express mail due to its extreme rarity and value. You will be the only one to own this set. Its energy is absolutely incredible and exudes otherworldly force and fire.