The Walpurgisnacht Crimson Ascension Ritual Event April 30th 2023


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Join us for the Walpurgisnacht Crimson Ascension Ritual Event on April 30th, 2023 - a night shrouded in mystery and dark wonder, where witches, demons, and other creatures of legend congregate to celebrate their arcane rites.

We've crafted a ritual experience that beckons to the ambitious and the daring. On this fateful night, indulge in the sensual thrills of the forbidden as we unleash the primal forces that resonate with the innermost desires of the human psyche.

As a participant in our Walpurgisnacht Crimson Ascension Ritual, you'll be privy to the secrets of wealth attraction, drawing forth the energies of abundance and prosperity, opening the gates to material success.

Wield the power of psychic protection to shield yourself from the malevolent forces that lurk in the shadows, ensuring your path remains unobstructed by the ill intentions of others.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of magical power, tapping into the very essence of the universe, elevating your consciousness and expanding your capabilities beyond the mundane.

personalized candle ritual will be performed for you, casting a glow upon our Starfire Temple altar in your name. You will receive an email containing a photo of your candle and a digital talisman seal, symbolizing your connection to the energies invoked during the ritual.

Nothing is shipped with this ritual.

Embrace the darkness, for it holds untold treasures.

Awaken the beast within, and let the Walpurgisnacht Crimson Ascension Ritual illuminate your path to power, wealth, and protection.

The night is calling, will you answer?