Vampyre Messiah Self-Mind Control Powers Ritually Ensorcelled Talisman


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“He who cannot obey himself will be commanded.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche

When you take possession of your mind you are able to take possession of whatever you want in the universe. 

You will control your vibrational level and therefore your life and the effect that you have on others and the world around you.

The Vampyre is a master of inner power. She has Risen inside to have supreme control of the subconscious forces of the subjective universe. 

Self-control is a superpower.

It is absolutely essential to your well-being.

Without it you get to stay stuck in reactive mode.

With it you can command reality to conform to your will.

You become the magick.

The ritually ensorcelled powers of the Vampyre Messiah talisman put you back in the drivers seat as it releases its powers for you. 

Understand this: to take control of your own mind is to reclaim your power and to reclaim your power is to take command of the direction in which your life is heading. 

 Remember your mind creates your reality and your life.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to possess self-mind control. 

This rare stunning talisman is solid 925 Silver with genuine garnet eyes.

2" x 1.5" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.

A lifetime piece of the highest quality and craftmanship. 

Only one available.

Dare to believe in the strongest version of your reality.

Now is the time to Rise to new heights and reach for more.