"The gods did not reveal, from the beginning, all things to us, but in the course of time through seeking we may learn and know things better" ~ Xenophanes , 500BCE

Have you ever wished you  could erase bad karma from your life ? 

Have you ever wished that the constant sense of anxiety that seems to hover over you could be replaced with an aura of PEACE and Sacred Power ?

The Violet Flame of St. Germain will provide this for you.

Imagine being immersed in a radiant vortex of Liquid Light which begins erasing the "heaviness" of accumulated negative Karma from your personal history.

This is the Power of The Violet Flame.

Experience the Sacred manifestations of this Alchemical power:

Completely Cleansed, Shining Aura

 * Restoration of Harmonious Energy Flow

Renewed Vitality to your Body, Mind and Soul

Astral Elixir of Vibrant Youthfulness

Spiritual Vortex of Radiant Manifestation Powers

Transmute Negative energies into Divine Light

Self Realization of the I AM within

 Sanctus Germanus, Master of the 7th Ray of the Divine will gently guide you into the full awareness of Violet Flame of Transmutation. 

 The Shining Divinity of of the Council of Light will help you to transform the "Lead" in your life into opulent GOLD. The very vibratory frequency of the Violet Flame will bring RESTORATION 7x7x7 to you.

 Freely you will FEEL your love for yourself and your connection to the Sacred overtaking you as a deep intimate and lasting peace.

 When you take care of the "inner" you will find that the "outer" manifest in accord with the desires of your heart.

 Your Divine Spell-working and powerfully charged TALISMAN will rearrange a sacred space in your life to allow LOVE (The Attractive Force of the Universe) to EX-PRESS itself into your heart and circumstances.

"The alchemical operation consisted essentially in separating the prima materia, the so-called chaos, into the active principle, the soul, and the passive principle, the body, which were then reunited in personified form in the coniunctio or 'chymical marriage'... the ritual cohabitation of Sol and Luna." - C.G. Jung - Mysterium Coniunctionis

We look forward to serving you.