Lord of Sirius Tariq's Ascendant Quartz Djinn Magickal Orb



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Lord of Sirius Tariq's Ascendant Quartz Djinn Magickal Orb is a celestial masterpiece that summons the enchanting powers of the eminent Djinn, Tariq. As the guardian of Sirius's secrets, Tariq brings forth a wealth of cosmic knowledge and profound spiritual insights to elevate your magickal practice.

This mesmerizing quartz sphere is elegantly perched upon a brass stand, designed to capture and amplify the transcendent energies of the heavens. The orb serves as a conduit to Tariq's formidable magick, radiating his essence and allowing you to harness his unparalleled wisdom.

As you work with this captivating Djinn Magickal Orb, Tariq will guide you through the astral realms, unveiling the mysteries of the cosmos, and unlocking the hidden potential within your soul. He will imbue your spiritual journey with divine guidance, heightened intuition, and unwavering protection.

Whether you seek to manifest prosperity, amplify your psychic abilities, or simply deepen your connection to the universe, the Lord of Sirius Tariq's Ascendant Quartz Djinn Magickal Orb will be your most trusted ally. Embrace the power of this extraordinary talisman and embark on an otherworldly voyage to the very heart of cosmic wisdom.

As you attune to the energies of this magnificent orb, you'll notice your dreams becoming more vivid and prophetic, your intuition sharpening, and your ability to manifest your desires increasing exponentially. Tariq will assist you in uncovering the secrets of ancient civilizations, awakening latent talents, and expanding your consciousness beyond the limits of time and space.

Under the watchful guidance of Lord Tariq, you will find yourself forging a deeper connection with the elemental forces of nature, mastering the art of energy manipulation, and gaining the confidence to embrace your true spiritual destiny. The Lord of Sirius Tariq's Ascendant Quartz Djinn Magickal Orb is a key that unlocks the door to a universe of infinite possibilities, where your dreams become your reality, and your destiny is shaped by the limitless power within you.

The orb measures approx. 2.5" in diameter and sits atop a vintage brass stand 10" tall.

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