Akashic Psychic Channeler Spellbound Quartz and Silver Talisman


The Akashic Psychic Channeler Talisman serves as a beacon to the astral realms.

The tear-shaped clear quartz, renowned for its powerful amplification and programmability, acts as a magnifier of psychic and intuitive energies. Encased in an intricately designed silver setting, it calls to those seeking clarity and connection to the universal consciousness.

At its heart lies a mesmerizing labradorite stone, shimmering with ethereal hues of blue-green reminiscent of distant galaxies, known for its protective qualities and its ability to enhance psychic abilities.

As the stone of transformation, the labradorite enhances strength of intuition and fosters a bridge to the Akashic records, allowing its bearer a glimpse into past lifetimes and the vastness of the soul's journey.

Every swirl and pattern on the silver setting whispers tales of ancient seers and cosmic dances, forging a powerful bond between the physical and the metaphysical. When worn, this pendant is said to enhance one's psychic abilities, offering clarity, protection, and a deepened connection to the universe's vast wisdom.

  • Protection: Guard your aura against unwanted energies, ensuring you stay grounded while exploring higher dimensions.
  • Intuition Boost: Heighten your intuitive and psychic abilities, making this pendant an ideal companion for divination and astral journeys.
  • Energy Amplification: With the clear quartz drop, amplify your intentions and the energies of surrounding stones or tools.
 Dive deep into the ethereal realms with the Akashic Psychic Channeler pendant, magickally crafted to serve as a conduit between the earthly and the divine.
 Embodying both earthly and ethereal energies this incredible talisman is crafted to ground you while seamlessly connecting you to the Akashic records and other higher realms. Wear it close to your heart and let it guide, protect, and amplify your innermost abilities.
Quartz Crystal encased in silver with Labradorite gemstone
Measures approx.2.6" with bail x 1.25" wide.
Premium Quality 22" Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.