Black Rose of the Hedge Witch Spellbound Onyx Talisman



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The Black Rose of the Hedge Witch is a talisman of profound depth and complexity, expertly crafted to be a guardian in both the seen and unseen realms. This enchanting pendant brings together the dark allure of onyx with the delicate strength of a rose in full bloom, symbolizing the unity of protective power and the grace of natural beauty.

The talisman is handcrafted from a polished onyx stone, known for its protective energies. It serves as a shield, absorbing and transmuting negativity, acting as a steadfast guardian against psychic attacks and emotional vampires. The onyx creates a sanctuary of peace around the wearer, fortifying the spirit against the tumultuous outer world.

The back of he talisman reveals a meticulously embossed rose, an emblem of the sacred path of the Hedge Witch, who walks the fine line between worlds. This symbol of the rose represents the inner journey of spiritual awakening, the blossoming of intuition, and the unfolding of the soul's potential. It whispers of the ancient lore of the Earth and the nurturing embrace of nature's boundless fortune.

Crafted with intention, the Black Rose of the Hedge Witch is a powerful catalyst for transformation and growth. It is an ally for those who seek to deepen their connection with the Earth's mysteries, to awaken the wisdom within, and to invite the serendipity of good fortune into their lives.

Whether worn daily or used in ritual, this Spellbound Talisman is designed to support the wearer in their spiritual journey, offering protection, personal empowerment, and luck.

Step into your power with this exquisite piece of magical artistry.


Large Handcrafted  with intricate details Sterling Silver and Onyx Talisman measures approx. 2.75" with bail x 1.75" wide.

Premium Quality 24" shimmering Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.