Celestial Sanctuary of Thoth the Divine Scribe Spellbound Talisman


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The Celestial Sanctuary of Thoth the Divine Scribe Spellbound Talisman  is a vessel for the serene energies of the Cosmos.


Forged in the spirit of ancient wisdom, this ethereal blue amazonite gem is beautifully bound in silver, the moon's metal, known to reflect the innermost truths and esoteric secrets.

This talisman is a nexus of the astral and the earthly, channeling the divine intellect that scribed the Cosmos into being.

It is the wearer’s connection to the eternal flow of knowledge, a whisper of the primordial word that brought order to chaos, and a talismanic guide through the labyrinthine halls of the subconscious.

The spellbound talisman resonates with the vibration of Hermes Trismegistus, he who knows the three parts of the wisdom of the universe—alchemy, astrology, and theurgy.

It empowers the seeker to divine the celestial patterns that map our fates, to transmute the leaden shadows of ignorance into the golden light of understanding, and to invoke the higher spirits that govern the unseen world.

To wear this talisman is to affirm one's role in the timeless lineage of seekers, sages, and mystics.

It is to walk with Thoth the Divine Scribe, to carry his sanctuary within, and to embrace the boundless journey of the soul's ascent through the spheres of enlightenment and beyond.


Beautifully Handcrafted and detailed Amazonite Stone set in Silver setting with Lotus Flower carved on the back of the pendant. 

Measures approx. 2" tall x 1.75" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.