Kabbalah Shield of Insight & Guardian Hamsa Labradorite Spellbound Talisman


Hamsa Meaning - 12 Holy Facts About Hamsa Hand

The Kabbalah Shield of Insight & Guardian Hamsa Labradorite Spellbound Talisman is a sanctuary of spiritual fortitude and enlightenment.

This powerful talisman, unites the protective energies of the Hamsa Hand with the transformative power of labradorite. This sacred symbol, revered for its ability to shield against the malevolent gaze, has been harnessed through the ages to guard the spirit and anchor the soul.

The labradorite's dance of colors echoes the divine emanation of the Sefirot, offering a visual representation of the infinite wisdom and insight of Kabbalah. 

The Silver Hamsa hand is an emblem of protection.

It extends its five fingers in a gesture of defense against the evil eye and misfortune, embodying the essence of divine guardianship.

The Hamsa becomes a shield, not only against tangible threats but also against spiritual turmoil, guiding the wearer along a path of balance and serenity.

Each element of this talisman is charged with intention.

Wearing the "Kabbalistic Hamsa" serves as a declaration of one's dedication to spiritual growth and understanding.

It is a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of life, seeking not just protection but the courage to face the unknown with a heart full of insight.

This talisman is your guardian and guide, illuminating the way to inner peace and cosmic truth as revealed through the mystical Kabbalah.


Beautifully Handcrafted Silver and Labradorite Talisman measures approx. 3" with bail x 1.5" wide.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.