LADY MARVEL's Delicious Captivity Soul Climax Spellbound Ring


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Crafted to entwine the essence of desire with the potent forces of attraction.
Designed to captivate the senses and ensnare the spirit in a rapture of passion, this ring is for those who dare to indulge in the depths of their soul's yearnings.

Resonates with the personal energy of its wearer, ensuring that every experience is as unique as it is intense.

The enchanting design features a hematite sphere being held in two hands.

 It evokes the complex pathways of love and devotion, locking in the magic of a moment and heightening the senses to a crescendo of emotional fulfillment.

Whether seeking to deepen a bond or to bask in the pleasure of your own company, the Delicious Captivity Soul Climax Spellbound Ring is your magickal companion on this journey of enchantment.


Size 7.5

Hematite Sphere held in two hands.

Silver Plated.